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company news about TYSIM has assisted Wuxi new hospital project many times

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Company News
TYSIM has assisted Wuxi new hospital project many times
Latest company news about TYSIM has assisted Wuxi new hospital project many times

TYSIM has assisted Wuxi new hospital project many times



Recently, two TYSIM KR125 single load transportation rotary drilling rigs participated in the construction of hospital in Wuxi once again. This time, it assisted in the construction of the Chinese Medicine Hospital (Wuxi Rehabilitation Hospital) in Liangxi District, Wuxi City.


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The project is located on the southeast of the intersection of Jianghai expressway and Qiangao Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The project covers a total area of 19,008 square meters with a total construction area of 77,520 square meters, the ground floor area is about 47,520 square meters, and the underground construction area is about 30,000 square meters. The project mainly focuses on building a multi-purpose building, infection room and equipment auxiliary rooms while supporting infrastructure such as transportation, drainage, strong and weak electricity, protection against fire, HVAC, gas supply and nature appreciation through outdoor viewing, in addition, it is designed to have 500 beds for patients. The hospital is a public second-class hospital that mainly focuses on the rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine, but also includes other general illness departments. After the hospital is built, it will be much larger than the existing Wuxi Rehabilitation Hospital, filling the gap of the lack of medium-sized medical institutions in Shanbei, Huangxiang and Huishan Streets, and directly affects about 270,000 people in the surrounding area positively.


Wuxi’s land mainly consist of alluvial lake plain and lacustrine plain. The site’s geological conditions are mainly backfill stratum, silty clay, silty clay with silty clay. The construction site is close to TaiHu Lake, where the ancient underground river channel network is crisscrossing, in addition, the underground water level is high, the construction difficulty is high, especially considering the fact that the silty soil and silty clay is easy to collapse and requires the mud wall protection technology. There are two types of viable pile sizes, one with a diameter of 600mm and one with a diameter of 900mm, and the depth of the hole is 28m~32m. TYHEN Foundation Construction Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of TYSIM, is equipped with skilled operators with more than 5 years of experience who strictly controls the drilling speed and Kelly bar lifting speed to effectively prevent the hole from collapsing; the average hole forming time is controlled at about 1 hour, which increases the construction efficiency and increases the amount of construction work accomplished for the customer, thereby shortening the construction period, and brings huge economic benefits to the customer.

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TYSIM PILING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a professional piling enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized piling rigs. Currently, it has obtained more than 50 core patents, and the whole series of products have passed the CE certification certified by the European Union. So far, our products have been exported to Australia, Russia, the United States, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Zambia and 26 other countries and regions. TYSIM is a certified domestic high-tech enterprise that has obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification and the JiangSu Private Science and Technology Enterprise certification. In 2021, TYSIM passed the evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which enabled it to become the third batch of professional Specialized innovative "Little Giant" enterprises in China. TYSIM is also a member of China Construction Machinery Industry Association piling branch council unit, Shanghai Survey and Design Industry Association Underground Innovation technology branch unit. TYSIM strives to develop its core advantages with the following four aspects: Compaction, Customization, Versatility and Internationalization, it is committed to establish a top-notch domestic and internationally renowned professional brand of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig.


In the future, TYSIM will continue to forge ahead, adhering to the core concept of "Value Creation Focus", using exceptional R&D capabilities in bored piling machine to expand product series, provide customers with more choices and hence, create more value for our customers!



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