TYSIM New Model Telescopic Excavator Boom in Cambodia

September 29, 2016
Latest company news about TYSIM New Model Telescopic Excavator Boom in Cambodia

New product telescopic excavator boom has been completed series designed by tysim, which can be used in a variety of foundation, for example the pit of subway, bridge, construction of dredging, metro works. It can take the soil directly from the foundation pit into muck car. It has improved the construction efficiency, reduce equipment cost, also gives customers a good return.


This KM260 boom in Cambodia construction is currently the company's largest specifications product in market of Southeast Asia. KM260 telescopic excavator boom is matched with1.2 m³ shell bucket, Max. digging depth 26 meters, use cylinder and wire rope enhance the decentralization of operations, maximum lifting speed 1m/s. At present, in the site construction it works 10 hours a day to clean the earth around 300 m³, the efficiency has got the owner and customers recognition. Some potential customers near construction site visit during the working, and ask our services man for telescopic excavator boom technical parameters and construction information.


Currently many telescopic excavator booms in China are imported from Japan which also are used a decade years second-hand equipment. It is high price and no service. Tysim is adhering to "focus, create, value" concept, using its own excellent product development capabilities, focus on the piling equipment and gradually extended breakdown products. Final Tysim can give customers more choices, create value for the customer. The KM260 is successfully exported and done the construction, once again solidified Tysim professional piling equipment development will gradually build Tysim to be "Domestic first-class, Internationally renowned" brand.