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company news about Qi Jun, Li Hongbao, Huang Zhiming and other leaders of China Construction Machinery Industry Association visited Tyhen Foundation for inspection

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Company News
Qi Jun, Li Hongbao, Huang Zhiming and other leaders of China Construction Machinery Industry Association visited Tyhen Foundation for inspection


Recently, Qi Jun (president of China Construction Machinery Association), Li Hongbao, (secretary-general of Excavator Branch), Huang ZhiMing (secretary-general of Piling Machinery Branch), Gao Yang, ( General Manager of Lei Shing Hong Marketing- a dealer of CAT), and others visited the headquarters of Tysim to provide guidance. Mr Xin Peng, (chairman of TYSIM), Phua Fong Kiat, (vice chairman of TYSIM), Ye AnPing, (general manager of Tyhen Foundation), Xiao HuaAn, ( General manager of TYSIM marketing), Peng XiuMing, (vice general manager and quality director of TYSIM) Cao ChenMing, (general manager of TaiCheng Training), jointly accompanied the leaders of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association during the inspection visit.. Leaders of the Association congratulated TYSIM on its achievements in its development, and also provided many constructive suggestions, hoping that TYSIM will move forward steadily in the process of developing in the niche field.


President Qi Jun and his group took a closer look on the equipment production process and learned about the core technology of TYSIM in the machinery manufacturing plant. President Qi pointed out that compared to the past, TYSIM's production and operation have made great progress and changes, which deserves recognition, and he hopes this will continue in the future. Meanwhile President Qi said that based on the current economic condition, Tysim should not rush and increase the level of investment to achieve a larger scale of production, instead, Tysim should steadily strengthen the research on benchmarking and improve the quality of its products, and use improved quality to achieve higher valuation. TYSIM's rigorous production process and advanced production technology gave Gao Yang( General Manager of LiXingHang marketing - a dealer of CAT) an excellent impression. He said that the pros and cons of the equipment are not only a reflection of its core technology, but also a reflection of its manufacturing precision, which directly affect the life span of the equipment as well as the user experience it provides. TYSIM's integrated, standardized and rigorous intelligent manufacturing process shows TYSIM's dedication and committed attitude towards maintaining high equipment quality.


During the inspection, Mr Xin Peng, and Zhang XiaoYuan (Deputy General Manager of TYHEN Foundation) introduced TYHEN Foundation's products, services, operation mode, and TYHEN Equipment’s cloud rental management system to the leaders. Gao Yang (General Manager of LiXingHang marketing -- deaer of CAT) was impressed by TYHEN’s digitalized and informational equipment management system. In addition, He was also impressed by TYHEN foundation’s performance as it stood out in the industry with its superb technology and construction methods, which crowned itself as an "invisible champion" in the small rotary drilling rigs rental market.


President Qi gave constructive suggestions and opinions specific to TYSIM’s development in construction method, marketing & service, product R&D, export, and training. Meanwhile, President Qi indicated that the China Construction Machinery Association will continue to care and support TYSIM in its development process, he hoped TYSIM will keep following its initial aspiration, always maintain its advanced research and production method and its rigorous equipment manufacturing standards; he hopes that more and better equipment should be manufactured to meet market demand. In addition, TYHEN Foundation should speed up the design and promotion of new construction methods, maximizes its advantages in the rental market and utilize it to drive the equipment R&D and sales of TYSIM.

Pub Time : 2023-01-04 08:16:40 >> News list
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