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TYSIM Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Cutting Equipment

TYSIM Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Cutting Equipment

Large Image :  TYSIM Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Cutting Equipment

Verified Supplier

Jiangsu, China

Verified Supplier

Jiangsu, China

Detailed Product Description
Pile Diameter: 300~1050mm Max.rod Pressure: 280kN
Crowd Stroke: 135mm Max. Crowd Pressure: 30MPa
Max. Cylinder Required: 20L/min Quantity/8h: 40/8h
Max. Single Cutting Height: ≤300mm Single Module Weight: 100kg
Type: Hydraulic Pile Breaker Condition: New
Color: Green

1. Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Pile Breaker 


Hydraulic Pile breaker KP315A
Pile diameter 350~1050mm
Max.rod pressure 280kN
Max.cylinder stroke 135mm
Max.cylinder pressure 30MPa
Max.single cylinder flow 20L/min
Quantity/8h 60/8h
Max.single cutting height ≤300mm
Excavator capacity ≥20t
Single module weight 100kg
Single module size 645×444×316mm
Operating size Φ2098×4840mm
Total Weight 1.7t


KP315A Construction's Parameters
Module Quantity Diameter Range(mm) Excavator Capacity(t) Weight (kg) Height of single cutting pile(mm) System Recommended Flow(L/min)
6 Φ300~Φ350 ≥12 1000 ≤300 150
7 Φ350~Φ450 ≥12 1100 ≤300 160
8 Φ450~Φ550 ≥16 1200 ≤300 180
9 Φ550~Φ650 ≥16 1300 ≤300 190
10 Φ650~Φ760 ≥20 1400 ≤300 200
11 Φ760~Φ860 ≥20 1500 ≤300 220
12 Φ860~Φ960 ≥20 1600 ≤300 230
13 Φ960~Φ1050 ≥20 1700 ≤300 250

TYSIM Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Cutting Equipment

2. Performance of Hydraulic Pile Breaker


(1) Advanced modular design, used for crushing piles of different diameters by changing the module combination quantity;


(2) Simply operated with less staff, reducing the construction cost;


(3) Crushing piles wholly, reducting the consumption of energy;


(4) Using adjustable chain, the pile breaker/cutter can be applied to constructions in different terrains;


(5) Full hydraulic drive, low noise operation;


(6) Quick assembled, more convenient of transport and more efficiently;


(7) Applying new material and new technology makes it much more reliable and reduces maintenance cost;


(8) Design of simple changing modular and general technology can realize quick maintenance and extend the service life.


3. Other Related Hydraulic Pile Breaker


Type of pile breaker KP315A KP380A
Pile diameter 350~1050mm 600-1800mm
Max.rod pressure 280kN 600kN
Max.cylinder stroke 135mm 150mm
Max.cylinder pressure 34.3MPa 34.3MPa
Max.single cylinder flow 20L/min 30L/min
Quantity/8h 60/8h 48/8h
Max.single cutting height ≤300mm ≤300mm
Excavator capacity ≥20t ≥35t
Single module weight 100kg 230 kg
Single module size 645×444×316mm 696×566×350mm
Operating size Φ2098×4840mm Φ3316×4000mm
Total Weight 1.7t 4.5t


Type of Pile breaker KP400S KP450S KP500S
Pile length 250~400mm 350~450mm 400~500mm
Max.rod pressure 280kN 280kN 280kN
Max.cylinder stroke 135mm 135mm 135mm
Max.cylinder pressure 34.3MPa 34.3MPa 34.3MPa
Max.single cylinder flow 20L/min 20L/min 20L/min
Quantity/8h 100/8h 100/8h 134/8h
Max.single cutting height ≤300mm ≤300mm ≤300mm
Excavator capacity ≥7t ≥8t ≥16t
Operating size 1440×1440×1500mm 1490×1490×1500mm 1588×1588×1500mm
Total weight 0.6t 0.65t 0.92t


Technical Specification KPS37 KPS22
Working medium 32#or34# anti-wear hydraulic oil 32#or34# anti-wear hydraulic oil
Fuel tank volume 470L 320L
Max. flow rate 240L/min 120L/min
Max. operating pressure 315bar 315bar
Motor power 37KW 22KW
Motor frequency 50Hz 50HZ
Motor voltage 380V 380V
Motor working speed 1460rpm 1460rpm
Working weight(full tank) 1500kg 850kg
Wireless control distance 200m 200m


TYSIM Concrete Pile Breaker Pile Cutting Equipment 

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